Actor/Writer Joel F Gardiner and Comedian Derek Sweet discuss whatever is on their minds. While video games are often the focus of conversation, topics of discussion can be almost anything.

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Episode 97 Released!
February 25, 2014
Derek decides to get into CoD one title too late as Joel has now moved on, all the while also experiencing a triathlon of Zelda, the joys of discovering TV series you haven't seen yet, Jazz Punk, Wolf Among Us Ep 2, Bravely Default, plus the phenomenon that is Flappy Bird!

Episode 96 Released!
January 25, 2014
You'd think now that we've had our hands on both next-gen consoles that'd be all we talk about, but we only briefly discuss Ryse, Forza 5, and Dead Rising 3 before getting into all the awesome PC games coming out lately. Hearthstone, Broken Age, Banner Saga, and Nidhogg are discussed among others..

Episode 95 Released!
December 19, 2013
Derek discovers comics on the iPad, Joel's goes crazy for Batman Origins and gives his first impressions of AC4, Knack getting flack for being too hard while Joel gets flackl for not finishing Breaking Bad, Battlefield 4 issues, and more $60 titles not quite understanding the free 2 play model.